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Menopause - - The Silent Howl for Males

An aged man walks along the road when a frog shows up in all of a sudden, the frog uttered to him, “If you will kiss me I will transform into a beautiful maiden. ” The man, after hearing the words of the frog, picks it up at once and places it inside of his notecase. The frog in its abundant neglect asked the man, “Why didn’t you kiss me? ” But the man answers, “I would prefer to keep a frog talking inside of my purse. ”

This story can be likened to a satire wherein it depicts an aged man with a sexual insecurity. According to some researches, a man path the age of 50 and 60 are already not capable to perform for quite several reasons. And this situation is often associated to male menopause.

Nowadays, approximately 18 million of the male American population are affected with this dilemma on waning sexual potency, affected by the direful of the testosterone level.

Also, this dilemma which is often termed as the midlife crisis for aging men does not solely affect their sexual potency; this also affects their mood, as wrapped tight as their endurance, quite akin to the feelings of women when they are also reaching their menopausal period.

According to specialists, male menopausal may show various symptoms like frequent enervate, grouchiness, the lowering of women drive, decrease in life’s enjoyment, waning strength of erections, falling fast asleep after eating dinner, the ability in sports is gradually declining, lowering of strength ad stamina, and decrease in energy.

If a man above the age of 50 is experiencing three of the mentioned symptoms, there is a chance that it might already be a low testosterone syndrome.

Able are statistical studies that also reveal the effects that can be related to the lowering of testosterone even, these are:

• Reduce of libido level, this includes the eagerness for sex and the sexual thoughts
• Reduce in muscle mass
• Reduce of memory identical
• Increase of heart ailments

Palpable is usual that on the part of the women, they often perceive that men will not go through to word conforming what they will go through as they reach their midlife. However, with all these presented facts about male menopausal, it shows that women and men will be going through to a closely alike experience in the later years of their lives.

People frequently focus on the differences between the menopause of male and female that they tend to neglect the numbers of its similarities, like for instance the impulsive tenor swings, anxiety and bad temper, the aching of neck and back, the lapses and loses of memory, the lowering of concentration, lowering of self - esteem, the feeling of gaining weight, and sickness or injury takes longer juncture to cure.

Although men go through some reproductive modification, they do not lose their capacity for reproduction, unlike women. However, because men are special to have a sturdy performance in terms of sex, many of these men would prefer to keep the frog talking inside of his purse and dismiss the fact that essential can transform into a beautiful maiden, than let the situation caused by male menopause insult his sexuality.

Note this, the fatigue brought by male menopausal predicament is taken by these men quietly, yet, inside of them there is an out bursting howl.




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