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Andropause Male Menopause Mystery Truth Unraveling 1

Andropause Mystery, Unraveling the Truth about Male Menopause and Conquering its Symptoms

When a man enters the age of forty, he begins to experience the awkward sensibility of confusion, split personality and stressfulness. He tends to dodge his sense of whyfor as well as his former self. He is craving for the new tidiness of things, more ventures and is spinning out of control.

In the quest to understand this crisis, system of studies are undertaken. Even the medical science allots time to formulate possible formulas to find the remedy on its symptoms. There are creams, pellets, pills and even surgeries that are deemed to resolve the crisis.

But what is really in the core of this predicament? Dr. Robert S. Tan constructed his book of Andropause mystery: unraveling the truths about male menopause in the pursuit to explain the circumstances and why they happen to a man.

According to Dr. Robert Tan, menopause or the declination of hormonal levels comes to deed to both men and women. For men, such transition name is called andropause. The period usually strikes at forty when age normally causes internal troubles to almost everyone. Subsequently, internal changes had exterior manifestations in terms of social, career and family interactions.

Besides, Dr. Robert Tan added that as the man reaches the age of 50 - 70, the symptoms become more visible and provoked. Symptoms such as declination of levels of virility and energy accompanied by easily being exhausted, rapid mood sways and palpitations appear. Most men report their erectile dysfunction as the most supreme event during andropause. Apart from this, Dr. Tanís patients also complained of their seeing nervous, irritable and depressed.

Palpitations are due to the decrease of the testosterone level caused by over process of the autonomic system. It must be noted that it is natural for men who are suffering from andropause.

Formerly active men who used to be directed to their careers and power enhancement suddenly become close to family and their friends. However, qualified are some who preferred to gem a new set up on their lifestyle which will turn them from the misstep and depression of andropause period.

The medical science has prepared remedies to relieve these symptoms. The problem is that most men do not submit to seeing a wet even for health reasons. The reason is that it hits their masculine pride to be thought of as either vulnerable or dependent. This becomes a challenge to most wives.

One way to convince men to see the drench is by accompanying him to a trained and understanding expert. By going together, the doctor can fully extract the needed info from the couple. However, ace will also be times when the interview would be held independently to do away with the inhibitions.

As part of the clinical study, the following things are being checked as andropause basis: hair loss, slightness of testicles, decrease of libido and sex drive, erectile dysfunction, exhaustion, depression, decrease of muscle strength, oligospermia, and decrease in bone density.

Being the andropause stage could be very stressful among men, it is advisable that wives should become more understanding and supportive. Andropausal men should be encouraged to organize himself, to manage his alcohol and cigarette consumption, to relax, to eat healthy foods and to exercise.

Andropause is larger profound journey which needs the positive involvement of the family. Not only men shall beat the odds, but everyone who loves him.




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