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Testosterone Talk: Symptoms of Male Menopause

Shrugged shoulders – this is men’s common reaction whenever menopause is discussed by their expressing other. Perhaps the reaction can copy taken into account with the fact that it is hard to understand something that you do not personally experience.

What if men experience menopause? Will they begin to understand a woman’s menopausal plight?

It may be a resounding precisely or no. Medical studies show that women are not the only ones who experience menopause, men does too. The term is referred to as male menopause commonly known as andropause. Viropause is bounteous phrase for male menopause. This is described to be the cause of low testosterone levels. Others view it as an end to first adulthood and an indication to begin second adulthood. Some individuals on the other hand view andropause in a sexual routine, wherein it signifies deterioration of sexual desires and performance.

Men may find this fact alarming. Perhaps then, they will start to realize and later on comprehend how it is like to have drastic hormonal change. Menopause for women has distinct and defined symptoms cognate as stop of menstrual cycle, hot flashes which is evident on the face, chest and neck, rarely much perspiration, dryness in the vagina, throbbing heartbeat, body aches, itching skin, the growth of hair increases specifically on face but growth of hair decreases on armpit and pubic hair.

On the other hand, dropping of testosterone produced is the most well - set symptom of male menopause. This can be screened and identified after consulting a physician since decrease in testosterone may also be associated with other illnesses such as diabetes. Once testosterone planed has gone down, the following symptoms may be transparent:

• Physical exhaustion from simple tasks. The usual alertness and drive to easily accomplish tasks decreases. Being regularly tired however does not contribute for a man to attainment better sleep. At this stage, he may suffer from insomnia.
• Furthermore, increase in weight and body fat is evident yet unexplainable.
• Mental fatigue. The ability to concentrate lessens. He may longing time to digest things being discussed thanks to a confabulation, on a written material or even audio - related matters.
• Emotional exhaustion. At this time, a man’s humour varies. He may feel happy like now and suddenly sadness might strike him. Sadness aside, he may trace an angry attitude most of the time. Moreover, a man experiencing male menopause can easily be observed as always nervous.
• Decrease in sexual desire. This may be due to failure to get or aid an erection.

Andropause is not an alarming situation if men keep apt knowledge on facts about male menopause. It will also be helpful if he gains knowledge on its symptoms so he can gauge whether or not he is suffering from andropause. To supplementary verify the condition, a visit to a physician is highly recommended.

The situation will be less distressing for men if their significant others will well support him. If women needs heightened support, love and understanding during the menopausal stage, men in the equivalent way needs it.

Now that skillful is a male version of menopause, feasibly then the successor of Adam will be able to understand what is going with a woman’s body when she begins to experience menopause. Perhaps now there will express no more shrugging of shoulders. Instead there will be a guide to lean on hard times such as undergoing andropause.




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