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Male Menopause: A Phase Which You Should Not Miss

Hormonal change – two words which can bring significant change to an individuals’ life. Once hormonal change is brought into word, most people would correlate it to women. These days however, women are not the only ones who experience hormonal change, men as well.

Menopause is the normal and natural stage in a woman’s sentience when her menstruation and ovulation ceases that signifies end to her reproductive years. On the other hand, andropause is a term for male menopause. Since a man does not undergo menstruation and ovulation, the reason behind for male experiencing menopause is to prepare them for second adulthood. Andropause signifies the end for men’s first adulthood.

Women who enter their forties may begin to experience menopause. Other women starts menopause at age fifty, some even begin at sixty. Men, on the other furtherance, may start to undergo andropause as early as thirty - five or right can be as late as sixty - five.

While coed menopause is a start for women to feel unconstructive sentiments and other pessimistic shape, most experts believe that andropause brings positive change.

A man will go through a crucial change once he enters the andropause stage. There is inevitable change in psychological, social, interpersonal and even the spiritual aspect. Andropause denotes “the end of the beginning. ”

According to research, there are a lot of benefits a man can obtain once andropause is experienced.

Maturity is the essential benefit of man in going through male menopause. Men on their pioneer adulthood usually focus on doing. However this time as they enter the second adulthood, they are more focused with “the being, ” or “the self. ”

Career - wise, they are more inclined to accomplish their job because of “love of work” instead of going to work because it is necessary. On social relationship, men tend to sight at other men as acquaintances. During first adulthood, men interact with other men as contenders.

A man’s personal relationship also matures. He is more focused with developing well-being and intimacy with his partner. Andropause may indicate a stop in brain - wearing “battle of the sexes” which may be an indication that he can give way and make his ally kill on some discussion. Ego and pride are left behind. It is transformed to in - depth understanding and patience.

Men also gains maturity in a sexual relationship. Assistance adulthood focuses more on being sexually fulfilled compared to concentrating on different sexual performances which usually takes place during numero uno adulthood.

Menopause is a period in verve where an individual may start to feel incomplete. Others may therefrom react to what their body dictates. Good or bad – whatever menopause may create in one’s life, you are still the one who owns your mind, body and heart. If andropause brings you more benefit, then you are of the lucky few. Otherwise, if it creates struggles in your life then it is time to acknowledge the need for help. Primarily, you need to recognize that you are undergoing change and wherefore let your significant other know about it. Point out the necessary things they must do to help you cross the line. If things seem unbearable after exhausting all possible help within your fence, then it is time to seek help from an expert.

A successful walk in the journey of male menopause boils down to one important thing, having good mood.




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