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Andropause Male Menopause Mystery Truth Unraveling 2

Male Menopause Mystery: Unraveling the Truth about Andropause

For years, people have been hearing and learning about menopause and how to deal with it. Men and women are educated about this natural condition that affects women when they reach a certain age in order to properly cope with it and accept it as a natural condition.

However, another particular condition similar to menopause affects men and is a mystery on why this condition happens. This male menopause condition is called the andropause. Andropause is a condition that affects men that is very similar to women's menopause.

This condition is caused by low testosterone level in men and is considered as the male menopause condition that is affecting men when they distance a certain age. In the early 50s, andropause is defined as the natural cessation of sexual function in older men.

The symptoms of andropause relates very closely to menopause. It will include fatigue, depression, decreased sexual activity, and irritability. Surprisingly, this change has been always ignored and is considered as a normal phase in a man's life. Indubitable may be a normal thing, but it doesn’t mean that men should suffer greatly from this condition.

Researchers egg on that andropause is caused by excess alcohol intake, stress, overweight, vasectomy, lack of exercise and ageing. Because of this, researchers have also begun to seek treatment methods to reduce the effects of andropause.

One solution to the problem is the Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT. This treatment showed promising results in effectively relieving symptoms of andropause. Adding to that, it also restores health, sex aggression, and potency. It will also include a sense of renewed vitality and virility when original is given to the right considerate, at the right year and at the right doses.

You have to realize the fact that the natural tendencies of men in the early years of his life are concerned primarily on their career, money and power. Often, men ignore and play past family and friends to focus more on career. However, in the later years when andropause sets in, men becomes more maternal, as if the men changes role from being fatherly to becoming motherly. Surprisingly, men don’t even sense the changes themselves and women notice it more. Women often tell doctors about this condition that their husbands are going through.

In response to the falling testosterone levels in the body, andropausal men will experience after dark sweats, and palpitations.

When men who experiences the mentioned symptoms and visits their doctor, the doctor will usually check for andropause by examining the following:

• Loss of hair in the armpits and axilla
• Low sex drive
• Erectile dysfunction or impotence
• Shrinkage of testicles
• Decreased muscle strength
• Depression
• Constant prostration or tiredness
• Low sperm count
• Decreased bone density

Aside from the testosterone treatment, men should take the necessary steps in layout to decrease the overall effects of andropause. The first step in treatment is to accept the condition. Once men accepted the condition it will be easier for them to treat it.

The next step is to exercise, and teach them to control themselves by quitting smoking and not bully alcohol. Since, the body is changing while people age, men who are andropausal should also learn to relax and rest well.

These are the things that men should do when they reach the andropausal phase in life. This condition is inevitable and will affect men as they reach a certain age. Better to understand it and live life to the fullest rather than holler of not looking good anymore or being unable to have sex anymore.




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